5/10/17 Custom Circuit Cards

Here are the three circuit cards I had made. Express PCB has special prices for boards that conform to their 3.8 x 2.5 footprint. I was able to design the LED Driver and Status NOT Driver boards within the footprint. No way the Power Distribution Board would fit so I spaced it out so things […]

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5/8/17 Pushbuttons

Got all of the switches and rotary controls mounted. Actually turned out pretty good. Used Dremel to make pilot hole, then regular drill to enlarge hole. I had purchased new pushbutton switches because I thought I didn’t have enough already. After I had mounted the new ones, I got the old ones to finish out […]

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4/23/17 Testing Card Components

Built, tested and installed remaining LED Driver cards. Tested transistors before installing, but still found 2 dead ones during card testing. Also found 1 weak transistor for the red LED Driver card. Out comes the desoldering braid! This is not really a surprise because I don’t know the history of these transistors. They could have […]

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