5/24/17 Design Change

I’m using potentiometers and the A/D convertors to simulate flow control valves, turbine speed, generator loading, etc. Plus 5 volts on one side of the pot and GRD on the other side. Middle tap goes to the A/D card. Well… turns out there is a resistor voltage divider on the A/D card. Putting the pot […]

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5/19/17 Shout Outs

Shout Outs! 1) Raspberry Pi – The core of my project. Definitely a solution looking for a problem. It has been rock solid. 2) AB Electronics UK – Supplied the I/O and A/D cards. Great Tech Support. 3) Express PCB – Their design software is very easy to use. Quick two day turnaround on the […]

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5/11/17 Simulator Plant Graphics

The other part of the project is the graphics where current values are displayed. A mockup of the plant is shown. I’m using Zelle Graphics to display a GIF picture I created in Microsoft Publisher. I wrote a quick python program that would allow me to position/change text on the GIF picture until things lined […]

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5/10/17 Custom Circuit Cards

Here are the three circuit cards I had made. Express PCB has special prices for boards that conform to their 3.8 x 2.5 footprint. I was able to design the LED Driver and Status NOT Driver boards within the footprint. No way the Power Distribution Board would fit so I spaced it out so things […]

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