This blog is about a project based on the Raspberry Pi computer. Using the Raspberry Pi, along with a number of purchased and custom designed circuit cards, I have constructed a model of a nuclear plant control room simulator. Software for control and display is written in Python.

The project is based on 4 – 32 line I/O cards and 2 – 8 line A/D cards. These cards set the limits on what I could model. Relying on my memory from over 30 years ago, I picked the plant components and operations that still stick in my mind. I worked at a Westinghouse 3 loop PWR plant during construction, startup and the first refueling outage. It was a tremendous experience for someone just out of college.

This project simulates the operation of a power plant. It does not use the real nuclear and thermodynamic equations present on a real plant simulator. Operations of my simulator are as I remember them – so they may or may not be 100% accurate!


6/26/19 Update:

I have placed all of the source code/pictures/circuit cards on GitHub: NuclearPi/NuclearPi-Source-Code.
Let me know if you are having any trouble getting to the files.