8/7/17 – Plant at 100% Power

Back to writing the software. Got the plant up to 100% power – actually the reactor was at 101% power.


When everything was stable, I decided to trip one of the main feed pumps to see how the plant behaved.

Instantly, I got a Steam/Feed Mismatch alarm. With dropping Steam Generator levels, I kicked on the two motor driven Aux Feed Pumps along with the Steam Driven Aux Feed Pump. With the flow control valves wide open, Steam Generator levels continued to drop. I quickly hit the Control Rods In switch and started a run-back on the Generator. I was keeping an eye on the primary temperature and pressure and failed to notice that the Steam Generator levels had started recovering and the levels were rising – rising quickly. I shutdown the Steam Driven Aux Feed pump and closed the flow control valves, but too late, the Turbine tripped on Hi-Hi Steam Generator level. Tripping the Turbine also caused a Reactor trip. Lots of fun!!!

Note: I had not written part that turns on the Turbine Trip annunciator for Hi-Hi Steam Generator level. That’s why you don’t see the light on below!

Conditions continued to go downhill until I got the dreaded Simulation Halted screen.


Not sure what caused this. Plan to add a post-mortem dump screen to show what caused the Sim Halt.

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