7/13/17 6.3 vs 12 Volt Bulbs

I got the 12 volt bulbs. Did a side-by-side comparison. You can see the 6 volt bulbs (running with 5 volts) look the same as the 12 v bulbs. Will stay with the 6 volt bulbs since the back of the Annunciator box is already wired for 5 volts.


The bulb on the right is the 6 volt bulb running with 5 volts. 12 volt bulb is on the left.

Got the new relay board today. Hope to have it populated and tested by this weekend. Once installed, the ‘burned out’ annunciator lights problem should be history!


I built one section and tested. The other 31 should work fine since they were copy / paste from this one!



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