7/6/17 Oh No


Oh No – What’s this? Reactor accident?
No, I forgot to switch reactor power monitor from intermediate to power range.
There will be a number of these ‘Procedure Violations’ by the time the software is finished.

Right now, I have working equations for the primary and secondary sides. Things appear pretty stable during normal operations. After adjusting some values/equations, will start to add events into the software. Just when you think everything is fine, the software will trip a pump, close a valve and start a leak somewhere. You will have to act fast to keep your plant online and generating electricity.

I manually tripped a pump and very quickly got overwhelmed trying to identify the annunciators and look at values on the computer screen. Found there is a need for a ‘pause’ button that will freeze the simulation until you are ready to proceed.


Here we are at 71 MW. Everything is stable.

Annunciator Lights
Checked and re-checked the new relay board. Sent it out to be made. Since I’m using relays to fire the annunciator lights, I can use any light bulbs. Ordered some 12 volt bulbs to see they will be any better that the 6 volts ones I already have.

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