6/26/17 – Annunciator Lights Update

Update on the new annunciator lights:
The LED lights will not work. Even grouping 3 and 4 together, they still don’t emit enough light. So the fallback option is to use a relay and an incandescent 6.3 volt bulb.

Did some testing and the LED Driver board will fire the relay and a status LED. So, 32 sets of the parts shown below.

Since I’m driving a 6.3 volt bulb with 5 volts, will not have a problem with them burning out.


I installed a bulb in the annunciator box to check brightness. Looks the same as the Christmas tree lights.


All of the parts have arrived. (Amazon and Ebay). I have designed the new circuit board but still checking it before I send it to be made. Want to get this board right the first time, since the cost is high.

annunciator relay board

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