5/19/17 Shout Outs

Shout Outs!

1) Raspberry Pi – The core of my project. Definitely a solution looking for a problem. It has been rock solid.
2) AB Electronics UK – Supplied the I/O and A/D cards. Great Tech Support.
3) Express PCB – Their design software is very easy to use. Quick two day turnaround on the boards.
4) Creative Images  – Supplied the Annunciator / Status Lights / Switch Rotary panels. They worked with me with the original concept, showing what they could offer in panel sizes, thickness and colors. The panels really make the project look professional.
5) EBay – About 90% of my parts were acquired via EBay.
6) Amazon (Prime) – Used for those critical, time sensitive parts.

FYI – No parts were donated for this project so my above comments are from the heart!

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