5/18/17 Reactor / Plant Reference Material

I used a number of articles to refresh my nuclear power plant operations memory. I would suggest reading some or all of the articles listed below. I found all of them on the internet.

1) The Westinghouse Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plant (Westinghouse)
This manual provides a complete description of a Westinghouse PWR. It not only has all of the equipment listed, it has a great plant operations section.

2) NRC Generic Fundamentals Examination Question Bank—PWR (NRC)
Sample exam taken by Reactor / Senior Reactor Operators. It’s a great reference document. Also lets you know how much you DON’T know about reactor operations!

3) Pressurized Water Reactor Simulator (IAEA)
This is a real software based reactor simulator. While my simulator acts like a power plant, this one shows real life operations. This manual describes the software and goes through a number of examples.

4) Introduction to Reactivity and Reactor Control (Larry Foulke – University of Pittsburgh)
Most of this is over my head, but its great reading to get a feel of how a reactor operates.

5) Reactor Kinetics and Reactor Operation (Henryk Anglart – KTH)
This is another article that is ‘down in the weeds’. It will explain, at the basic level, what is going on in the reactor.

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