2/13/18 Display Error and Flashing Annunciators

First off, I found an error on the display screen. Did anyone else see this??? Look at the generator output section. Notice the generator voltage. 24000 KV? That would be 24 megavolts or 24,000,000 volts. Correct units should be ‘V’ as in 24 kilovolts or 24,000 volts. So you are in the middle of an […]

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9/8/17 – Events

So you think you have the plant mastered? Well time for some events. Events are abnormal conditions that sometimes happen in real plants. The events in my simulation aren’t too severe. With practice, you will be able to handle anything the program throws at you! There are 9 events, or 10 counting normal operation. There […]

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9/7/17 – Procedure Violations

There are a number of actions that need to take place as you start up the plant and move to producing electricity. If you don’t perform these operations, you get dinged with a Procedure Violation! Switch from Start-Up Transformer to Auxiliary Transformer After the Generator is online and before Generator load is > 5%, switch […]

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8/29/17 – Halting The Simulation

My simulator does not model extreme events that real power plants are designed to handle. When the simulator nears 1 of 7 conditions, a ‘Sim Halted’ page is displayed and the simulation stops. Current parameters as well as the ‘halting parameter’ are printed out for reference. Primary Pressure > 2600 psig Pressurizer Level < 11% […]

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8/7/17 – Plant at 100% Power

Back to writing the software. Got the plant up to 100% power – actually the reactor was at 101% power. When everything was stable, I decided to trip one of the main feed pumps to see how the plant behaved. Instantly, I got a Steam/Feed Mismatch alarm. With dropping Steam Generator levels, I kicked on […]

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